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Gone In 60 Seconds (2000) Cut to the Chase

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This film was a remake of a 1974 film of the same name with a similar plot but with different names for the characters that are used in the film. This film is full of high speed action and crazy car chases as the bad boy gone good gone bad again to save his brother tries to stay one step ahead of the law. The film has lots of action, hard rock’n music and even an explosion or two during some of the wildest car chases you will see on the screen. If you love fast cars, good music and a bit of comedy here and there then you are going to enjoy this film, without a doubt.

Mr & Mrs Smith

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Two completely average and normal seeming individuals come together and then get bored with it all. They have been married a few years and now both can’t seem to stand each other and yet need each other so they can seem normal to the rest of the world. It is that normalcy that is required so that no one knows what it is that they actually do. The funniest part of it all is that neither of them know what the other really does either. Talk about keeping secrets in a marriage.

John Smith (Brad Pitt) is a construction contractor and very successful at it, at least that is what everyone thinks. In reality he is an assassin for hire that will not let anything stop him from reaching his target. Money and personal morals are his guide to what jobs he will and will not do. Jane Smith (Angelina Jolie) is a top female executive and travels a lot for her company, at least that is what everyone thinks. In reality she is an assassin for hire that will not let anything stop her from reaching his target. For the longest time no one suspected what they really were till the agencies that they contracted for found out and decide to put a stop to it in a most unique way. They will have them kill each other.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

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This film had rave reviews by the critics but it just stinks. We get an hour and 45 minutes of almost black and white with just a dash of color. Pick a format and don’t tease us with almost might be color, either give us color or don’t. I know that the producers and directors wanted to have that gritty grungy art deco nouveau steampunk look but all they did was ruin what could have been a great film.

Most times when watching this film you are going to ask why you are watching it. If your staying with it just to see what happens next just watch the last 10 minutes of the film and not bother with the rest. If your thinking that you would be missing the story, you wont be. Mad man with tech is threatening the world, now watch the last few minutes to see how a pretty boy pilot saves the doomed world from itself. Really that is all there is to it.