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The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Best Origins Film Ever!

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The-Amazing-Spider-Man-2012-Cover-ArtThis has to be, hands down, the best Spiderman origins film to have ever been made. The character is brought to live in a way that makes him totally believable. We actually get to see the pain and injury that he receives while he is fighting crime and looking for the killer of his uncle. The film we even able to get rid of the wimpy bitchy Mary Jane for a while as in she is no where near this film at all. Personally I hope they keep her out of it for many films to come. Without her we get to see the true Peter Parker and what he is really made of. We get to see just how it is that no one else but him could be Spiderman, even how he came up with and why he came up with the mask that he uses. This is a film that even if you are a die hard fan you are going to like this film.