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Sniglet of the Day : June 15

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Sniglet Of The Dayquierd (kwîrd) (adj.) Something that is both queer and weird at the same time.

There are some times when even the most bizarre tabloid story can’t even cover what is quierd. Since history, or maybe even the beginning of the Cenozoic Era, there has also been quierd stuff out there. Mysterious monsters, ancient astronauts, even some behaviours of some creatures in the wild are quierd to us. Why do lemmings take a flying leap in the Norwegian fjords? What exactly were the gods thinking when they put the platypus together in their divine laboratory? Quierd might not been something universal or even national, it could happen in your own state or province, or even down the block. We see stories all over the web featuring quierd stuff, from the whacky actions of the Tea Party and the denial of the Republican party of the reality around them, to sightings of UFOs and ghosts, or anything that might make a great show on Syfy, Discovery, or Travel Channel. Even TLC’s programming has become quierd, but not in a paranormal sort of way, but in the tabloid fodder way that does not involve extraterrestrials. There might be stories about illegal aliens there, though. If people around you seem a bit too normal, and you are considered quierd, enjoy the status. It’s the quierd people who make the headlines, but not always in a bad way.