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Daylight – The only way out is together

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Some films give a big show in their previews and others just don’t show anything, Daylight is big no matter what way you look at it. Right from the beginning you are shown what is going to happen but you don’t care since the plot of the movie is the escape and not how they get trapped. Getting trapped is the reason for the movie and what happens after will keep you on the edge of your seat for the rest of the film. Sure the dialog is rather limited but when you have explosions, cave in, car crashes and near death experiences happening every few moments you really don’t have that much time to talk except to tell someone else to run. We don’t watch these kinds of films for what is spoken but for what is happening. This is a drama as in that it deals with real life possibilities but it is full on action with what is happening in the film.

Casper (1995) Can his Kat save him?

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Almost everyone knows who Casper the friendly ghost is. The child ghost that desperately wants a friend and to not be the play thing of his uncles Fatso, Stinky and Stretch. They look after him in the afterlife and love to scare anyone that might come around. Casper will do just about anything to get a friend of his own, to be able to laugh and play with someone his own age, a 12 year old that just wants to have fun. This film takes us on a journey of discovery and fun to show us all about Casper and to what lengths her will go to to get what he wants. This is a fun loving film that the whole family can enjoy. Casper is one of those films that you love when you see it but fades from your memory as time goes on. Its sad to say that with all that keeps going on in the world that all family films are that way and we just need to be reminded just how good the film was. Images and words from the films to make us remember them all over again and give us a desire to see them once again. Maybe this review will get you to go out and watch it again or even watch it for the first time.