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The Patriot : Some things are worth fighting for.

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Even though this movie came out over ten years ago, it seems to be striking home now more than ever, when our politics have gone haywire. Sometimes, it’s good to pull these retro DVDs down and remember what we celebrate ID4 for, and it has nothing to do with alien annihilation. Though annihilation of tyranny from overseas, that is another story, and this is where The Patriot comes into play.

Occupy Wall Street And Other Thoughts

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What is happening now in New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Tokyo and the rest of the world is long overdue. Too long have the ultra elite and the ultra rich held their collective thumb on the people of this world. It is because of that attitude that we had the first American Revolution and frankly I am quite surprised that nothing like this hasn’t happened yet till now. It is something that has to be stopped and I don’t mean people making money or getting rich. If a person wants to be able to better themselves they need to be given the opportunity and not just told they can’t do it. Every time a person is turned down for a job they are not loosing a job, they are loosing the ability to have a life. If they can’t work then they can’t spend and I don’t know about the rest of the world but that usually means starving to death or suicide because of massive depression. If you look at it that way who is really killing who?