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Corporations Are People Too, Right…

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Since today is election day lets look at how things are in the minds of certain people that shall remain nameless but we really already know who they are. They would like to have the citizens of these United States of America to believe that corporations are people. They feel that a single corporation should have the same rights and privileges as every other American citizen. They even convinced, with the help of corporate money, the Supreme Court to agree to the point. I know that these poor down trodden companies need to have special privileges so that they can steal, err, I mean take… Ummm… EARN your money so that they can buy the elec… ummm, influence the elec…. Uhhh, pay the media to make sure that the media will publish thier lies, umm, thier version of the truth to the American people.

Something to remember about voting, it is a privilege and a right!

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With the election just days away everyone should know that it is their right and privilege to vote. While many feel that means that they should not even care about the vote, that is just wrong. Everyone should vote to show who they feel should be in the office that they are voting on. You shouldn’t worry about who is going to win but you should vote from the heart. You should vote for the person that you feel would do the BEST job for the office that they are running. If you feel that they are not suited then don’t vote for that person but please vote. The election is not a horse race and when people stop betting on who the winner is going to be we might actually see some meaningful change in this country of ours. So take a look at this video, it just might show you a thing or two.

Red Blue Or American

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This year we are choosing who our new elected officials are but you would think that we are choosing who will be the lesser of two evils. I keep getting call after call about who I am going to vote for, what way I am leaning and even asking if I were blue or red. You know what? I am an American citizen of the United States of America. That used to mean something when you said it but not any more. Not when you think of all of the infighting that happens in our government and on our streets.

Proud to be American and Made in the USA used to mean a lot, that is till it was made to be us versus them, or states versus federal or corporate versus small business and rich versus poor. When did it get this way and what did they start doing that made it get so bad? People used to be proud to be called an American, used to be proud to say they worked at such and such a place. Where did that all go to? Tell me, where have all the flowers gone, the flower of America?