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This is how you fix congress (Pass it along)

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Image from Warren Buffett interview with CNBCThat was the title of the e-mail that I received. Normally I would have just sent it off to the waste bin but this time I actually read it since it was from a family member. It is one of those pass it along e-mails, you know the kind that tell you to pass it on to get something more in your life. This time it is to get something more for our nation the United States Of America. Since I don’t send out those types of e-mails I am going to sen\d it all out to you right here so that more then just the 20 people can read it. If you yourself want to pass it on that is fine but it is a message worth passing along.

By the way I did check out about if Warren actually said the words and her did. Click here to see the whole unedited video with Warren Buffett