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Red Riding Hood (2011) Believe the legend. Beware the wolf

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This horror mystery is not like the fairy tale that you grew up on. This is what the tale could have been based on, even the tale of Peter and the Wolf. This film sets the tone perfectly from the beginning. It pulls you into a world that seems real and believable and keeps you guessing what is going to happen next all the way to the end. The film also looks are various stereo types and how they have been seen throughout history and why people see them that way. This is a story that wont let you go, not even when the film ends, but that is a good thing with this film.

Mama Mia!

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This is a movie adaptation of a very, very popular stage show that has taken the world by storm. Mama Mia! is set in a Greek Island town. A young woman, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is about to get married, and wants to know who her real father is. After learning about three potential father by reading her mother’s dairy, which seems to have been written in the 70s, she sends out invitations to the three former swains of her mother’s. Donna (Meryl Streep) was quite a sexual adventurer in her younger days, according to the diary. When Sophie’s bridesmaids, Lisa (Rachel McDowall) and Ali (Ashley Lilley) show up, she reads to them from the diary to tell them how she learned who her father might be. Later that day, Donna’s former bandmates, the reclusive writer Rosie (Julie Walters) and high-maintenence serial divorcee’ Tanya (Christine Baranski) show up for the wedding. The menopausal trio have a bit of a torrid past of their own, as they used to be pop singers, and when Donna declares that she does not miss sex at all, the other two know something is very wrong.