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Sniglet of the Day : February 12

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Sniglet Of The Day Bazookacidal Tendencies (bah zew’ kuh sy dal ten’ den seez) – n. The overwhelming desire of most individuals to reach out and pop the gigantic gum bubble billowing from someone’s mouth.

With another major coming up in a couple of days, it seemed time to address this little bit of disturbing behaviour. It’s cruel, but fun, mostly occurs in the summer when kids have the opportunity to hit the local drug store with summer allowance money. Buy up the Hubba Bubba, Bubble Yum, and if you are lucky enough to find it, Bubs Daddy Green Apple, chew it up, and let the sticky chaos commence! So many sticky faces, and gummy hair that just makes mothers want to scream, but what the heck? It’s summer and you needed a haircut anyway. It seems it’s always the older kids who have the worst Bazookacidal Tendencies, but they can fail at their own game, because their bubblegum bubble-blowing is more experienced, therefore, they can blow the bigger bubbles. If a person can’t see with a huge bubble of pink rubbery stuff in front of their face, they are deserving of being on the business end of Bazookacidal Tendencies, and this gives the younger kids an edge. Good luck with whatever candy you might receive this Monday, but if your valentine gives you bubblegum, be very, very scared.