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Seven Years in Dog-land

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When I get hooked onto a new webcomic, I like to read the story from the beginning. An anonymous request came to Musings asking us to take a look at Seven Years in Dog-land some time last week. So I took this on with my normal routine. At first I got a feeling of Alice Through the Looking Glass meets the 1968 Planet of the Apes. This is not exactly a family-friendly story. The heroine, a 10 year-old girl, Alice Carroll, has a best friend in her pet dog, Charlie. Charlie is an older dog, and one day, when Alice and her father, Lewis, take a trip to the forest, Charlie runs off. Alice is heartbroken, and aims to find him. In her search, she comes to a tunnel, and winds up in another forest. There she encounters a scruffy group of very primitive people, and she is rounded up with them by some huge dogs. She has come to Cania, a world where dogs are the supreme species. Humans, or Sapiens, as they are called here, serve various purposes, including part of the food supply. They cannot talk, but they communicate by growling and barking. Alice is an odd one out, as she cannot only talk, but converse about intelligent subjects. The slaver decides that she is a rare commodity, and must be kept to rake in the cash. Little does Alice know, there are Sapien-activist groups in Cania, and they want to make sure Sapiens are no longer abused. A disturbing world indeed!