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Heroes of Kalevala : Revisited

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

I am thoroughly addicted to Heroes of Kalevala, and have decided to tell all the casual gamers about how much fun this game is. This game can go into the triple digits in levels of puzzles as you get the help of eight heroes and gods of the Finnish epic poem, The Kalevala. You will find each of these heroes has their own gifts and personalities, but when it comes to fighting Louhi and her evil crebain companion, along with other things to stop you, each of the heroes has a different power to offer. Wellamo, a sea goddess, creates whirlpool wells that fight off the tar flooding of the puzzle tiles. Ahti, a sea god, floods the puzzle tiles, and the sea washes away those he has flooded out. Wainamoinen is your sage and bard, and takes out tiles with his music, and even Tuoni, the god of death, has it in for Louhi and her nasty bird. In the process of taking out puzzle tiles and getting aid from gods and heroes, you are building four villages in your search for an item called The Sampo, which will create everlasting wealth. I’ve not gotten far enough along in the game to know if we will ever defeat Louhi not have I read the poem far enough in to find out what the heroes actually did to defeat her, but I am sure have tons of fun along the way to finding out. If you love casual game puzzles and epic sagas, then Heroes of Kalevala is where they meet. If BFG ever takes on the Nibelungenlied in this fashion, I am so there.