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Welcome To Hereafter A Webcomic by Bry Kotyk

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There are times that you are just surfing the net and you find the rarest of gems along the way. Welcome To Hereafter a webcomic by Bry Kotyk is one of those gems. The artists takes us on a wild ride to see just what the other side of life could and can be like and the crazy characters that could be there. It is a humor that we don’t get to see about religion and I am not just talking about only Christianity. Nothing is sacrosanct with this author, he looks at all the religions and have so far poked fun at Christ, God, Buddha and a slew of the Greek and Norse gods. He even has Thor and Hermes shacking up and playing house, if you know what I mean. Its all suggestive and not something that is not safe for work type thing but you do get the point. This comic is full of things that are going to make you laugh and want to talk about with others that have either seen the comic or those that you show the comic to.