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Ballad of Solar

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Leave it to Alawar to come up with a silly time management adventure game featuring a previous incarnation of Dudley Do-right as the protagonist. While the opening animations has that retro, Don Bluth animated 90s movie kind of look and feel, when we got into the main part of the game, it seemed like the same old kind of time management builder. Clear the wood, grab the food, get some tools, get some treasure, etc.

Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Oracle of Ur

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Iwin Games makes some pretty nice casual games, but I was a bit disappointed when I booted up Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Oracle of Ur. I was expecting a match 3 game, but I was given a HOM from the beginning. Now, I love an adventure game, and the setting was pretty unique, since looking for artifacts in Mesopotamia does not get as much media attention as Egypt or Central America.

In recent Hollywood treasure-hunting movies, we rarely see anything dealing with Sumer or Babylon. I was up for a nice change of pace, but then out comes the journal, and not one match 3 puzzle… yet. It seems that this game is part of a series that deals with three treasure-hunters living in the 1930s. Two Americans, one Brit, Rupert, Emma, and Sebastian. There are hints at a love triangle, but the focus on finding the “Oracle of Ur” is based in finding jewel boards, and putting them together. Then we get into the sparkling match 3 puzzles we promised.