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Sniglet of the Day : May 6

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Sniglet Of The Day WoWbrat – n. A type of gamer whom is so devoted to World of Warcraft, they cannot understand why every other MMORPG is not like it.

Gamers come into all kinds of different MMORPGS, and there are so many online games out there now, it makes some of us wonder why some World of Warcraft players even try other games. These are the WoWbrats. Players who love WoW so much that they want every other game out there to be pretty much another version of WoW in a different package. If you are an online gamer, and play any of these addictive fantasy-based games, most likely you have come across them, or have come across a version of another game that was modified to pander to them to keep their business while it drove away the business of the people who who actually paid for the game regularly. Some of the developers of these other games learned that maybe trying to please the WoWbrats might not be worth the loss of revenue. Sadly, the WoWbrats continue to invade non-WoW games, hoping that they can turn the tides in their favor, but those players who like their MMOs just the way they are usually confused, and sometimes frustrated with the WoWbrats, wondering, “If they love WoW so much, why did they even bother to try something else?”