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The Addams Family – Weird is relative.

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Since this is the month of Samhain, it seems just appropriate to open Musings October with a modern classic that has hit not only the big screen, but the small screen, and originated from newspaper’s comics section. So, come on back to the early 90s, the days of grunge and MC Hammer, and check out The Addams Family. this film features all our favourite Addams characters, Gomez (Raul Julia), Morticia (Angelica Huston), Wednesday (Christina Ricci), Pugsley (Jimmy Workman), Granny (Judith Malina), Lurch (Carel Struycken), Uncle Fester (Christopher Lloyd) and Thing (Christopher Hart). Thing is completely out of his box now, and as usual, it the true ruler of the Addams roost.