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Hotel Transylvania (2012) Even monsters need a vacation

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Hotel-Transylvania-2015-dvd-coverBack when Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley created these classic gothic monsters to scare us with throughout the ages, they most likely never dreamed we’d love them so much 150 plus years in the future and beyond. Apparently, neither did any of the monsters, because that is why Count Dracula (Adam Sandler) had the Hotel Transylvania built, but that was not the main reason. As humans, and to quote the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast, “We don’t like what we don’t understand…” and such was the way we were with monsters during the 19th century, especially in Eastern Europe, which was about the time Dracula and his lovely wife had a sweet little vampire child, Mavis.

Happy Gilmore : He doesn’t play golf… he destroys it.

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All his life all Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler) ever wanted to be was a hockey player. He couldn’t skate all that well, not could he steal or control the puck, but he had a slapshot that could kill, possibly literally. He had many jobs when he grew up, in many different kinds of fields, but all they pretty much did was pay the bills. The only thing Happy loves more than hockey is his grandmother (Frances Bay). Happy’s Grandma raised him after his parents split up, but now Happy is on his own, still chasing his dream of become one of the Boston Bruins, but due to his lack of discipline, things are about to change, in a big way.

Happy has been cut from the try-outs for who knows how many times now, and things are looking grim for Grandma, as she has not been able to pay her taxes in a very long time. The IRS is taking everything, and will be auctioning off the lovely house her husband built from the ground up decades ago. Happy’s girlfriend, Terry (Nancy McClure) has dumped him. Things just can’t seem to get much worse.