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Watership Down (1978)

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Did you ever run across bits and pieces of an obscure movie you saw from time to time as a child or teen that was running on a cable premium movie back in the day? Watership Down was one of those movies that was made in the late 70s dealing with environmentalism and loss of animal habitat and how a particular group of rabbits deal with moving from an oppressive society to start their own. You will never see fluffy little bunnies the same way again.

“All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies, and when they catch you, they will kill you… but first they must catch you.” This is the closing line the great creation god Frith tells El-Ahrairah, the Prince of the Rabbits. Frith had made all the animals equal, but as the rabbits multiplied and took away most of the herbivore food sources, Frith decides some rabbit population control was in order. The animals that were once the rabbits’ friends where now their predators. As El-Ahrairah observed these changes, he was looking for a place to hide. As he was half in and out of a burrow, Frith decides to bless this creature’s face he cannot see with long legs and acute senses of hearing and sight. Frith was not counting on the most dangerous predator to come into play, mankind.