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Red (2010) Still Armed. Still Dangerous. Still Got It

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This high action film stars the talents of Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker and Helen Mirren. These actors and actresses are fantastic in the roles that they have in this film and they portray them so well that you can not help but to fall in love with each and every one of them. They carry the film in ways that you don’t think possible by helping you believe that they are indeed who they seem to be, ex-CIA operatives and an innocent telephone operator.

When the film first start you are thinking that this was not the film that you saw all the previews for, but it is there to show you just how dull and boring the life of Frank Moses is. Every month he makes sure something happens to his check so that he can call the one other person in the world that he likes to listen to. Sarah Ross is totally bored with her job and dreams of traveling and it would see that the only high part of her job is when she gets to talk to Frank to get another check issued. Both are bored and just want to get to do something instead of the nothing they fell that they are doing.

Nightfliers (1987)

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This film features the acting talents of Catherine Mary Stewart, Michael Praed and John Standing. The film was directed by Robert Collector whose best known film would have to be Red Heat. The film Nightliers is about a group of scientists that are looking to find some mythical creature that had caused the birth of the universe. A creature or race of beings that roams the universe spawning stars and planets in its wake. The base plot seems very familiar to the purpose of the Destiny in Stargate Universe. That is where any similarity ends as the ship the scientists are on is out to kill them with a vengeance.

Certain actors from this film had very promising careers til they did this rather poorly written and really bad science fiction film. Many of the actors and actresses did very well in their roles but no matter how good the actor is you still can not make a piece of tar like this film look like a shining gem. About the only reason to see this film is because you might like one of the cast and want to see everything that they did, after that throw the film away and never think of it again.