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The Witch and The Warrior

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Meet Ember, a teen witch bored with her existence on Vesper Island, a outlying land of a kingdom that looking to make peace between magick-users and regular folk. While on the mainland, the queen has taken matters into her own hands after the death of her husband, poor Ember and her family of witches are unwanted on their backwards little island. Ember has some friends that don’t care that she can do magick, and want to see her succeed. This is the tale of The Witch and The Warrior. This is a game that has a fun 90s retro feel like the old SNES games put out by Squaresoft back in the day. The layout of the mystical land is sort of squared-off and blocky, and your main characters run around their world as chibis, but the storylines of the games are off the chain, and you are wanting more.
Ember leaves her mother and sister behind on Vesper with a note and reason for leaving Vesper to join the academy on the mainland. There she pairs up with a young warrior maiden whom is looking to learn the ways of the world just as much as Ember is. This turn-based RPG with anime styling is endearing in its retro style, and it is great to see a new game put out with this old look and style. The Witch and The Warrior is so much fun, that you might find yourself loading up an old emulator and wanting to play some of these old chibi-style 90s games again.