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Sniglet of the Day : March 21

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Sniglet Of The Day Abzot (AB zaht) – n. The device in a currency changer that determines whether a bill is too wrinkled or not.

Abzots, we all hate them, but we are not exactly sure how they work. Abzots are one of the most frustrating things to ever come to light, and if you are a person whom often frequents laundromats, DIY carwashes, or game arcades, you know what I mean. Why wouldn’t any dollar bill be just as good as another to get some change from a simple change machine? Thanks to abzots, if you are the kind of person who tends to carry their money in crumpled little wads, you are going to have to embarrass yourself now by having to ask an attendant for change, or going to closest C-store or bank if none can be found. You’ve got a ton of laundry to do, and you are fighting with the change machine. You just took your 4-by through the most fun and muddiest track ever, and you are fighting with the change machine. You have been waiting for months to try out this outstanding new game that has been hyped by the industry, but you can only play it in an arcade, and you are fighting with the change machine. Abzots are a bane to those of us who still rely on coin-operated machines. Hopefully soon, we can progress past that.