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Crop Busters

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

When I downloaded Crop Busters, I did it directly from my game manager, and not from the website itself, so I thought I’d be getting into another farming simulator. Whoa! I sure was surprised when it turned out to be a really different kind of Match 3 game.

We have a young lady who is coming back to take over the family farm, and it is in bad shape, but by using a Match 3 puzzler, you sell various basic plants and other farm goods to build your farm up. The more money you make, the more upgrades you can buy, as well as new machines to create other products one would not normally find in a farming sim. Sure you have the basics, the hen house for eggs, a milk cow, and some apples from a small orchard, but then you get new things, like a beehive to make honey, and a thread spinner to make yarn, and other unusual natural resource items. You also get bonuses from gold and shipping out a certain amount of items in trucks to other towns. Also, some farm animals help you in your puzzles in some ways you would not expect. The hens will tap out tiles for you, and the bees will buzz around the puzzles and scramble the tiles when you reach an impasse.