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Kingdom of Seven Seals

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FunFactor: ★☆☆☆☆ 

When I saw the opening screen to this game, I knew I was in for something completely kawaii and girly. Princess Vita and her prince looked completely like Medieval Barbie and Ken, and when I got into the main game, it took on the typical fairytale theme. Kingdom under an evil witch’s spell. All the typical fantasy creatures are there, the unicorn, the ogre, the giant, the stingy dwarf, a fairy guide, and… the slot machine casino? I guess winning at one of those might be a fairytale come true to those who can’t get enough of the one-armed bandits. The graphics were too bright in the colourful places, and too dark and vague in the so-called scary places, which made looking for hidden objects a bit hard on the eyes. The worst of it was the loading times from cottage to main forest, and when Princess Vita was able to speed up her progress by procuring a unicorn to ride around the kingdom on, the load times go worse, and the navigation…. pfft! I really like the hidden object mysteries, and the dark themes are fine by me, but this was too bright and cheery, and just all wrong. I’m sure this casual game was aimed at a different demographic than a geeky women over 40 that write game blogs, but I’m sure many 10 year-old girls would not be too happy or patient with the load times on Kingdom of Seven Seals, either.