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Sniglet of the Day: October 18

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Sniglet Of The DayMotspur (mot’ sper) – n. The pesky fourth wheel on a shopping cart that refuses to cooperate with the other three.

Ever get a motspur? If you are the lucky person to do the household grocery shopping, or make stops at the local discount supercenter for whatever, then you have to had come across a motspur at some point. That is that shopping cart, no matter how new, or how old, that has a bum wheel. It might squeal, lock, thump, or even have a flat spot on it from wear and tear, but some shoppers are not all that annoyed at having to use one. Some shoppers are. It makes some of us wonder how it became a motspur in the first place. Is there a cigarette butt stuck in the wheel mechanism? Will a little light lubricant get rid of that squeak? Why is it only one wheel that is causing all the problems? If this is a new cart, why is it already a motspur? Considering all the abuse these carts take day after day, it seems like there should be many more motspurs than there are, but let’s enjoy the already grudging task of food shopping knowing that we didn’t get a mostpur this time around, so shopping might be a little more fun after all.