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Sniglet of the Day : March 28

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Sniglet Of The DayComeoutime – that time when a politician that once screamed anti-gay marriage tells the press that he is indeed gay.

It happens every other year in many states across the nation that have not lived up to the fact that gay people are no longer going to live among the shadows. They pay taxes, too, and want to live like regular citizens. Many of us have no problem with this. Some straight guys would take the logical route, and think, “More hot babes for me, then.” Women would think, “Less perverts trying to grab my butt, then.” Those who are stuck in the 1950s mindset don’t think logically, as if they ever did. The problems is, many of these people are our lawmakers, and thanks to fearmongering among their constituents, they think gay marriage is going to make straight marriage cave in. Those men who scream loudest about this lack of traditional values tend to be like, well, hobbits. As Gandalf said, “Once you think you’ve learned everything you can know about them, they turn around and surprise you.” And oh, do these guys ever surprise you. This is what is known as comeoutime. For decades, a politican will go on and on about anti-gay this or that, and his message never gets taken seriously. Then one day, he lets the world know he is gay, either through sly actions or outright confessions. Conservatives are stunned and outraged. Liberals are like, “Meh, and this is news?” We can only hope that someday, comeoutimes are no longer needed, and gay weddings no longer make the front page headlines, and are pushed back to the society pages.