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Sniglet of the Day: November 8

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Picklettulance (pik ul et’ yu lans) – n. The ability to remember the entire family’s order at a fast-food restaurant.

Sniglet Of The DaySome people have a pretty cool talent. It makes one wonder how they do it. That is called Picklettulance, when they can go into a quick service restaurant on their own, and order $25 plus worth of food items and remember exactly what everyone does or does not want on their burgers or tacos. Even more impressive if they do it at breakfast, since most quick-service breakfast menu items tend to be almost the same thing, with a few little changes here or there. Sure, it might be easy if everything is coming from the $1 menu, but when it comes to the bigger, more complicated sandwiches, and you might get stuck behind that person at the counter, or even worse, in the drive-thru, try to listen in. You are witnessing something pretty incredible, as this person keeps rambling on about no onions on this, add extra pickles to that, or only ketchup on this thing. There is no list in sight, but there will be a huge one when the cashier gives this person their receipt. Just hope they got everything right, else you might end up staying behind this person even longer, and then the fascination will end.