SushiChop – Free To Play

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

SushiChop – Free To Play is one of those silly kinds of game that is sort of cheesy, but once you get started, you really don’t want stop. In this game you play as sushi chef, and you are cutting up different kinds of fish and shellfish to make nigiri. Along with this, you will also sometimes cut wasabi and ginger root along with the fish for bonus coins. Coins can earn you upgrades to get better knives. Between waves of fish being thrown up in front of you, you also get bonus rounds where you have to cut up a certain number of one kind of fish or shellfish.

This should seem simple, but there is one big nasty, stinky catch, literally, that keeps popping up. It is a polluted green fish, and just one slice of this disgusting thing can ruin your platter, your cutting record, and your game. Cut too many of these poisoned nasties, and it’s game over. This is a nice diversion, and since it is a freeb, you should give it shot, but don’t forget the other great sushi games that are not quite so silly like Asami’s Sushi Shop. You might even want to steam up some rice and break out the mini tatami mat or the nigiri mold.