Surface: Mystery of Another World Collector’s Edition Revisted

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

This was the second go around for me to play Surface: Mystery of Another World Collector’s Edition, and I was able to much further into depth with it this time, and I saw some flaws in it this time that I never really noticed before. Many of the games that come to casual sites, especially the hidden object mysteries, are imports from Europe, and this one came from Russia. The first go around, I was far too busy rushing around, attempting to gain access to unlock areas, and sort of under the gun with my time, since I had to go to work. This time, having the weekend off, I decided to play it all the way through in casual mode.

While the puzzles were still as challenging, and the storyline was just as good, the acting, perhaps by the Russian actors in the live scenes might have been pretty good, but those of us in English speaking nations got a pretty badly acted translation. I hadn’t seen this bad of a translation job since I watched an imported subtitled version of The Story of Siankoku from Malaysia. Bad translation aside, this sort of reminded me of the movie, Inkheart, but in reverse.

This was still a pretty fun game, and for all the running around you do, looking for this thing to fix that thing, or this tab A to fit into slot B, it was pretty entertaining, and kept me going for hours. I’ll most likely try it again on a higher setting, and playing the collector’s edition was worth the time. The strategy guide was great for getting me out of tight spots, and the bonus content was a great surprise. The developers put quite a lots of effort into this one, and it shows, with the exception of the English voice actors. That should have been handled by one of the many great animation companies in either Toronto or Vancouver.