Supermarket Management

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FunFactor: ★★☆☆☆ 

I guess testing out Supermarket Management 2 was a bad move on my part, because Supermarket Management was a big letdown. The graphics seemed very Super NES, like from the 90s, and the movements were choppy. The “supermarket” music was the elevator-type music we dread hearing when we shop, which is designed to make you slow down and stay in the store longer. I would have preferred to do some regular grocery shopping than play this game. It was great to see that the game was vastly improved in its sequel. I can highly recommend 2, but this first one left me unsatisfied, even though many of the elements were the same. The customers really did not have much personality, and they all seemed to be the same, even though they looked different. Your assistants, cashiers, and upgrades were a bit easier to obtain in this version, but as Kate was working for someone else in this game rather than herself, it seems like we were forever trying to impress the boss. We do enough of that IRL, so why should we have to try to do that in a time management game? Save yourself some time, and skip the original, and go right to the sequel. Just like Aliens 2, it is so much better than the original.