Super Eruption a Syfy Original Film

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Yellowstone has become unstable and is about to erupt. The only problem is that it already has 640,000 years ago and it is doing it again. Can two park rangers and a scientist stop it in time to save the world? That is what this film is going to show us and it does it with style and class without too many cheesy Syfy stunts. This is not your usual Saturday night Syfy Original Film. This one actually gets it done in a way that makes it look more like a big picture film then the usual half baked creature films that they have been known to show. This one actually entertains you and doesn’t expect you to be a mindless idiot that is drooling with insanity. This film actually respects your intelligence for a change.

We know how many of the films that the Syfy Channel have been putting out have been garbage. This one is actually a gem that should be cherished. It is thought out, well designed and executed properly, for a change. We get to see the actors as actually people with brains and they portray the roles that they are cast in very well. The main characters are believable and likeable and you actually care about what is going to happen to them.

Here is the information that was released Marvista, the production company:

“Under Yellowstone, America’s first national park, lies the Yellowstone Caldera, a giant hot spot for volcanic activity. What scientists call a supervolcano. Now after hundreds of thousands of years lying dormant it threatens to erupt. This eruption could wipe out much of the United States killing millions. Suddenly, without warning, a small part of the caldera bursts. Temperatures plummet and the sky fills with dirty, black clouds of volcanic ash and destructive lightning. Lava erupts from the earth, boils over the crater rims, and rushes across the country side at speeds over 100 miles per hour vaporizing forests, animals, and tourists. As the rest of the caldera puffs and steams and threatens to explode, it’s up to Yellowstone’s top scientist and an adrenaline junkie Park Ranger to halt the erupting caldera. They must plug the lava, as well as stop the poisonous volcano clouds from spreading before the sky turns black and the entire world is frozen in a permanent, apocalyptic volcano winter.”

The main leads of the film are Richard Burgi as the park ranger Charlie Young and Juliet Aubrey as Kate, a scientist that has the job of monitoring the activities of the super caldera that is Yellowstone National Park. The two supporting cast members are MyAnna Buring as Claire, Charlie’s daughter and Alex Wyndham as Josh. Together they all try to survive the eruption as well as save the world from total destruction. The film also makes some interesting use of time paradox and magnetic field theories which actually help the film along. Even though those are straight scifi it does explain the beginning of the film. This is not just a flash back like other films have been doing of recent but an actual event that had to happen for the rest of the film to take place the way it does. It is the one element that makes it possible for the Earths saviors to get the job done right.

This time Syfy got it right and gives us a film that you will want to see and you will find yourself trying to find a copy of it to keep with your disaster and end of the world film collections. I know I will.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆