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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Sudeki is original XBOX game and a Microsoft version of Secret of Mana. In game you are helping out a god named Tetsu bring to two worlds back into one. His brother, Heigou split the world into two and this four brave heroes are going to restore the worlds back into one. The four heroes are Tal, Alish, Elco, and Buki. Tai is soldier in the Illumina army. His father is the general of the army. Alish is the Princess of Illumina. She cute, kind, and loves helping others out. Her mother is the Queen of Illumina and she want to conquer the lands.

Elco is the scientist and inventor. He has a robot arm that the queen gave to him so he works on his other inventions and is a smart person. And not at least Buki. Buki got a damn sexy body. She is like Lady Lavelle on This is 50. She is like one of those hip hop models. Her weapons are claws that rip monsters into pieces and climbs on walls. And damn! I love her outfit.

The gameplay in this game runs like Kingdom Hearts, but it has better gameplay this game does. I had some problems with the gameplay few times, but it runs fine. The graphics look like World of Warcraft, but even better. This game has better graphics than World of Warcraft did and it looks great. It has good details on the characters and great landscape. The sound is ok, but a little off. The voice actors are great but, background sounds little bit off. The soundtrack in this sounds like crap. It sounded like some of those Big Fish Games. Overall the game is pretty good. The good things about this are the storyline, graphics, and the characters, mostly Buki. Probably alot guys like her, too, because she has a nice body. The bad things were the background sound was little bit off and the soundtrack was crap. I do like this game, although. I might play it again one day. If I play it again I’m going find all secrets areas and level up my characters some more. When I was playing game, the game was a little bit hard. I wish they had this game on the PS2 as well but, it is only for XBOX and PC only. You can get this game on