Stupid Politics

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I really don’t get it. I really don’t. The United States is supposed to be about the people and for the people but instead lately it is all about corporate greed and how much a politician can make and how much they can control the lives of people. That is just down right wrong and I wish I had the money to be able to get in the arena with them and try and make some difference. The problem is that if a person is flush with money they really don’t see and sometimes don’t even care about what is happening around them. The only way I see things really changing is if the entire house and senate were emptied and then everyone wanting to run was forced to use public funds and not one cent of anything donated directly to the person running or the party that they belong to. The playing field needs leveled again if this country is going to get straightened out.

Did you notice I didn’t say anything about the President or the Judiciary branches of the government. Those are not the real problem, it is Congress that is the problem, both houses. Nothing gets done other then to shout at each other. They are so busy shouting that they can’t even hear how bad the country is hearting and if they are not listening then I don’t see that they care at all what happens to us. They are too wrapped up in their own squabbling that they think they are better then everyone else. I am not saying they are all 100% like that but it is looks like a fish, swims like a fish and smells like a fish then what are you supposed to think.

They think that it is in the Governments interest to control what you think and then pay people to poison our bodies with chemicals that they say are organic because they were made from an organic substance. Come one people. We are all a group of individuals but we are all stopping to be that. We are so caught up in one upping each other that people even blamed Obama the day after he took office for all the mess that the country was in. ONE DAY AFTER!!!!! How can a president with only the power to arm wrangle get anything changed in one day yet alone in 2 years from all the crap that Washington got away with in the 8 or so years prior.

Now Republicans, you know who you are, screw the Tea Party and get a clue that it is about the nation not how much money you can stuff in your pocket or how much you can FORCE your beliefs on others. Democrats, quit trying to please everyone and just get the freakin job done will ya? Independents, get off your butts and make the parties and yourselves accountable for what is happening right now on the Hill. This crap of blaming has to stop and things just have to be fixed so that we can move on.

Other countries don’t hate us because we are American, they hate us because we think we are better then the rest but how the hell can we be better then them when some of those countries have better infrastructure then we do? Canada and many Scandinavian nations have the best healthcare in the world and I am talking universal, not what goes to the highest bidder. No system is perfect but they are healthy. Switzerland has some of the best social reforms as well as some of the Scandinavian nations. Why do they have so much better quality of life? They don’t have damned politicians that are full of themselves trying to play king of the hill. They care about their citizens, that is why. The Hill we have does not otherwise we would not be in the mess that we are.

Interesting to note that the Republicans blame the Dems and the Democrats blame the GOP (Grand Old Party my ass!) And the people of the US don’t have a memory or any sense of history which is why the Hill is able to get away with the things that it does. Clinton is a good example of this. Most remember him as a lush and letch and not much else. He bullied Congress till he got his reforms through and do you know what it did for us? Do you? One, it cut our debt so drastically and spending so much that the debt clock was going in reverse and the US has a surplus of cash. You might say that is because there was not a war. Check your freakin history and you will see that there were active battle groups in the Middle East and many humanitarian aid going out all over the world. We were spending money but we were spending it where it would do the most good. The country was prospering. Once Gore LET Bush win, that’s right, he conceded instead of waiting for the whole election process to finish, the very next day the market fell and people went into a panic. It did pick up some after that but then it just started spiraling out of control. Why did it spiral? It wasn’t the Middle East, it wasn’t the Towers, it wasn’t any of that, it was the fact that we let Congress do it and Congress in turn let Bush do what ever he wanted.

I think it is time that Congress start doing what we want and quit arguing about what they think was should want. Some of them, I don’t remember which ones, said that they know better because America doesn’t know what they want. That is a sad sad statement and to some degree true. The reason it is true is because the citizens are really just residence and are not standing up for what is right. I am not talking about religious rhetoric, I am talking about caring for one another and seeing that we are all on the road to recovery.

Sorry for rambling, but I really had to say this all. Why? Because it is how I feel and what I believe. If more people were more willing to speak up then maybe this could actually be a great country again