The Stroke of Midnight

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FunFactor: ★★★☆☆ 

This dark game is beautifully done, with a great score, and wonderful smooth animations that guide you from one section to the next. The story of a writer with a creative block going to Eastern Europe to get some inspiration is a common theme in some movies, and it works well here. There is an issue that makes the game flawed. On certain puzzles, there is no reset, and you cannot continue unless you finish the puzzle, so your game is sort of frozen there. You can restart the game once you find out where you went wrong and fix that part of the puzzle where you made a mistake. On some puzzles, you get the option to skip the puzzle altogether if you get stuck. This game has an imbalance that needs to be fixed. It has a great storyline, and a paranormal plot that makes for a great ghost story, but this script would have been better used in a movie than in a casual game. Once the devs fix the puzzle problem and get a re-release out there, this game could be worth of 5 stars across the board.

If you have the patience to find your way through the puzzle bugs, The Stroke of Midnight, is your kind of game. There is a walkthrough blog at the site if you get stuck, which is helpful, but with no reset on the obligatory puzzles, finding your way through this ghost story is going to be rough.