Stealth (2005) Fear The Sky

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This film is full of explosions, aerial battles and insane chase scenes that will blow your mind. This high flying, high action film will have you on the edge of your seat as you root for your favorite character. While it is true that the film starts a little slow, its really needed to show how the 3 pilots mesh as a team and make a cohesive whole that is ready to take on any mission that is thrown at them. That is till they get the news that another pilot is going to join their team. They are shocked at the news but have no choice but to live with it as they are Navy pilots and have to obey the orders that are given to them, usually…

Lt. Ben Gannon (Josh Lucas) is a fly by the seat pilot that makes sure that the job gets done and can find the silver lining with in just about any situation. He is easy going and seems to always be found with a blond or two hanging off him at any time. Most of the women that he has fun with as dumb and as dull as a door knob and good for only a one night stand. After he is done he is done with them and just walks away and never looks back. Why is he like this? It is because he is not with the person that her really wants and he is unable as well as not allowed to follow those feelings so he just makes due with what is easy and available. Great pilot, terrific leader and can get any woman that he wants except for the one he really wants.

Lt. Josh Lucas (Jamie Foxx) has no problem with women at all. He can walk into a room, see a woman and have her all to himself in minutes flat if not seconds. He has a charm and grace that just pours off him, even in his words. He speaks eloquently and his flying is just as good. 400 pilots applied for the squad he is on and only 3 got the job. That in itself says just how good of a pilot he really is and it flows into his everyday life as well. He is a true negotiator and will stand up for what he believes in or who he believes in when no one else will. All he wants to do is fly and have a woman to tend and feed him and believes that if he has that then everything else will fall into place. Life is good and he is going to live it to the fullest no matter what.

Lt. Kara Wade (Jessica Biel) is a damned good pilot and a woman as well. She would have to be a great pilot to be able to beat out all the other men that applied for the job that she has. She is the only female Talon pilot and is damn proud of it. Henry points out that she is the Navy Pilot Programs poster child of success. She went to all the right schools, impressed all the right people and made sure to ace everything that she did to get to where she is now. She is at the pinnacle of her career and there really is only one thing that could bring her down and all three pilots know it, even if they wont acknowledge it. She is bright, excellent with the stick and gorgeous as well and wont let anyone forget it. She is the best at who and what she is and is not about to let anything get in the way of what she wants. Well not anything but what her true feelings really are.

As said, the three are a team and they have been training for months together so that they know each others moves and are able to cover any gaps that each might have while flying. They are rightly dismayed when they are told that they are going to have a 4th wing man that is joining the squad and told by Capt. George Cummings (Sam Shepard) that they are Navy pilots and they are just going to have to deal with it. Nothing is going to change what is in place so they just need to make the best of it. The thing is the 4th wing man isn’t even a person at all. It is an unmanned aircraft, a UCAV that has been codenamed EDI (voiced by Wentworth Miller) or Extreme Deep Invader. It is a self thinking fighter that is even more advanced then the Talons that the other pilots are using. It has stationary takeoff, full stealth capabilities and an arsenal that is more powerful then most warships. It also thinks and learns at an enormous rate.

Well the 4 make the best of things till a lightening strike hits EDI and shorts his brain, that is when all hell breaks loose. Once EDI decides to go off and do what it wants it starts acting more like a spoiled teenager then a Navy pilot and it is up to the other three pilots to go get it back under control. This is one film that is going to have you on the edge of the seat as you try and figure out what the crazy plane is going to do next and how the pilots are going to deal with it and their own emotions. This is a very high octane action film that you are going to want to watch again and again.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆