The State Of Online Gaming

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I have been playing a lot of online games for both fun, excitement and for reviews and there is one constant in every single one of them. That one constant is that there are a ton of people that just don’t care about anything or anyone then themselves. You know who I am talking about, the NOOB haters. Actually they think everyone is a noob. If you make a mistake your a noob. If you beat them in a battle, you used a noob trick. If you have a question your a noob. They hate noobs, so they hate everyone. If you try to get any kind of information they flame you and cut you down. If you do anything a way other then they think it should be done you are automatically a noob and not worth their time. Your not worth your own space in the universe and sometimes they even say you should just go die because you are such a noob. They think they are so elite that they are gods and they are probably ages 14 to 16 in my opinion.

The elite noob haters are a bane to the online MMO industry. They suck the life out of a game. They cause new players to just leave the games and never come back. They can in some cases even cause the games themselves to close up and never return. How you ask? Think about it this way, you have the elite noob haters who have played the game for a long time. They write about the game, they help promote the game in all their bragging that new people want to try the game out. These new people sing up, pay money to the game company to play and then log on. They don’t know how to play the game, they just logged on! If a person doesn’t know how to do something that everyone else is doing what are they going to do? They are going to ask questions. Soon as they do they get “STFU noob, go play someplace else” If they ask questions in the forums they get almost the same response except with even mor taunting and degradation. The elite noob haters just don’t care and they never will.

So, now what happens to the new player. Well, they quit. Why wouldn’t they? They just got told outright that they had no reason to be there and in some cases told that they shouldn’t even be alive. I wonder how many took that one to heart. So they go and tell others that the game is crap and that people shouldn’t go there. It wouldn’t matter how good the game actually is because the players have ruined it for them. By ruining the game for that one player they have potentially ruined it for up to 100 other possible players. What this means is that now the company that makes the game has lost possibly 100 sales on just that one person being turned away. Was the person turned away a noob? Yes, they are a noob as in they are NEW! New people should be guided some so that they can make the game better, not turned into a noob hater of the elite self serving idiots that turned them away to begin with.

Now if the company has lost sales and they continue to loose players what do you think is going to happen. If there is no money in the game the servers will just simply be shut down. It has happened before and is sure to happen again. That is why there are so many “Free” online MMORPG games now. The thing is they really are not free, they are just setup to get as much money as possible before they get run into the ground by all the gold sellers and the elite noob haters. If you want to make sure a game is going to be around, you are not going to win as the real problem with the elite noob haters are the parents and society as a whole. I love to game and love a lot of online games but it is the noob haters and their foul mouths that make me not want to play them. What is really sad is some of those elitists or leeties are making the games for others of their own kind or even getting hired to cater to them by established games.

If we want to have a healthy online community the leeties have to STFU and just learn how to play well with others. If they don’t I guess we will all just have to find another online game to play because the one we are playing now just \might not survive the wave of elite noob haters coming its way.