Starship Troopers 3 Marauder

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Its 8 years after the brain bug was captured on Big K and we are second bug war with now Colonel John Rico (Casper Van Dien) in a command of his own on Roku San. It is a farming planet and the troopers are trying to keep the farmers safe against the continuing threat of the Arachnids or Archies as they are called in the film. The farmers doesn’t like the troopers but they need them to stay alive. Rico has to rally his troops each and every night to keep the bugs at bay and to keep them from getting through the electrified fence that surrounds the town and farmland. What makes this night different is that the current Sky Marshal, Omar Anoke, is coming to visit them on Roku San.

Omar Anoke (Stephen Hogan) is a different type of Sky Marshal then any before him. He is a performer who loves to sing for his troops as well as put on elaborate stage shows to get people charged up and ready to fight in the great bug war. He is also a psychic who has been trying to better understand the bug, especially the brain bug that is kept at Los Alamos for study. It is there that we find out later that most of the problems for Rico begins. You see Anoke has been brainwashed into believing that a truce needs to be made with the bugs at all costs and it is he that is going to make the sacrifices in human blood to see that happen.

Times are troubled for the Federation as more and more hangings are taking place because of sedition, treason and any other crime that they can think of to keep the population under control. They want to keep the population under control and silent. The war has gone on for too long and people are just sick to death of it and are starting to go against the Federation even if they need them. Gen. Dix Hauser (Boris Kodjoe) is a product of this climate and sees treason in just about anywhere especially after he finds out that his love of his life Captain Lola Beck (Jolene Blalock) once has a thing and fling with his previous boss and commander John Rico. He will find just about any reason to see that Rico will take the blame, even for Roku San to keep him away from Lola. Can you say pissing contest?

Even though this film is Marauder, we don’t even see what they are till we are over half way with the film. It is what all the first part is leading up to and they really don’t have enough of it in the film and they are nothing like what you would expect. They are more like the mech suits from anime then the ones that you see in the animated Roughneck films. These ones look to be at least 12 to 15 foot high with each one having the fire power of full platoon of troopers. Even when their weapons are depleted they still have the mechanized strength and fast movement to go hand to hand with the bugs without much fear of the bugs cracking their shell to get at its pilot.

The film is actually well made but on Blu-ray you can sometimes see where the special computer effects begin and the models and real life objects end. If you are just watching to watch this wont be that noticeable but if you have an annoying eye for detail you are going to see it right off. The CG looks a bit faded and the rest too real for them to mesh together correctly. It is like the lighting was not done correctly in the computer to compensate for the rest of the effects and the terrain that is around them. So don’t let 5 minutes or less of the film take away from the rest whish is a fun bug killing fest that you can just site back and enjoy without thinking. If your stressed this film would be a great way to unwind, that is as long as you like a rollercoaster to relax *grin*

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆