Stargate (1994)

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The movie that gave us 15 years of some of the best science fiction on television since the various Star Trek series shows. It takes place in our own time and allows us to be able to go out and explore the universe in ways only dreamed of in worm hole theory. It gave us the reason for the pyramids and why civilization advanced at such a quick rate from the stone age to the bronze age and beyond. It is the gateway to the stars and our dreams as it captures the imagination and allows us to forget about the troubles around us. It gave that kind of experience back in 1994 and it still gives that experience even today.

Daniel Jackson (James Spader) is an archeologist that is trying to prove that the pyramids were built much earlier then the date that most scientists believe is even possible. It is those theories that have had his grants pulled, his job terminated and even a room full of academics to walk out on him. He knows he is right but no one will listen to him. No one that is except Catherine Langford (Viveca Lindfors), she knows that he is indeed correct but for national security can not lend credence to his work. Instead she does the next best thing, she invites him to join her on a project as its lead translator. Seem the one she has is not really up for the job. With no where to go Dr. Jackson takes her offer and flies to Denver to join the project.

The facility is Creek Mountain (in the TV series it is renamed Cheyenne Mountain) that is run by the military. Inside one of the missile silo facilities that are stone tablets, cover stones, that Daniel is to translate. When he first sees the stones he immediately translates and corrects the translation already done in less then 2 minutes, which of course leaves the lead translator Gary Meyers (Richard Kind) flabbergasted and the rest of the team trying not to laugh. As to the other symbols on the stones, a column of six symbols in a cartouche, those he can not fathom right away. As he starts to ask questions about them Col. Jack O’Neil (Kurt Russell) enters the room and tells them that all information has to go through him before being passed on to non military personnel. When Catherine confronts him about this Jack tells her that it is on the orders of General West (Leon Rippy) and then just walks off.

From there we jump ahead 2 weeks with Jackson trying to stay awake and feeling like he is never going to get paid. Going for more coffee he sees he has to make more and goes to the water fountain to get more water. When he turns around to go back to work he notices the newspaper that the guard is reading. On it he sees a diagram of the night sky and some of its constellations. He immediately yanks that one page off and rushes into his work area. He has just discovered that the symbols on the cartouche are actually constellations. Once he has them all figures and shown on the night sky he realizes that it is an address to plot a point in space.

When he presents his findings to General West and his staff he is asked how he could figure something out in 2 weeks when the entire staff of Catherine could not do it in two years. He was even able to figure out the seventh symbol and how it was the point of origin and even once they showed it to him, he was able to find the symbol on the stargate itself. Daniels greatest skill is the ability to think outside of the box and see what others just don’t want to see because of their preconceptions about something. It is that ability that winds up saving the team that goes through the gate. If it were not for Dr. Daniel Jackson none of them would have made it back alive.

This film will have you on the edge of your seat and trying to think ahead to what might happen next. Even if you have already seen the film you will find yourself doing this. It doesn’t matter how many times you watch the film you are going to see a different film each and every time as you see something that you just did not see before. The attention to detail in this film is mind boggling, even the stark smooth walls are able to tell a story with their details and the lack of them. This is a film you just want to see again after you watch it.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★★ 

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