Star Wars: Republic Commando

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Star Wars: Republic Commando is one the best Star Wars games. This game runs like Ghost Recon in outer space. In this game, you give orders to troops, Shoot down droids, and kill a bunch of ugly aliens. When you are killing something in close combat, you get blood splatter on your helmet and your helmet has a wind shield wiper. I can see clearly now!.

The gameplay does look Metroid Prime, but it is not. Gameplay plays like Call of Duty instead of Metroid. The reason why it looks like Metroid because helmets’ display. That is the reason why it looks like Metroid Prime. The story about this game is actually really damn good. The story takes place between the second and third film. You are playing playing as the leader of the Delta Squad. The team will help on your mission objectives, place a bomb on door or other places like to blow up, and bring you back on your feet. If you are down on ground they will heal you. Most of the time you got take care of your team members. If you don’t, it’s game over. The team members are always are in my way at and they easily get killed. It hard for fight off the droids and heal them at same time. These guys are more of a pain than watching over Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4. I rather deal with her instead these guys.

The graphics looks damn good. The graphics looks more like a early XBOX 360 game instead a original XBox game. This game is on the original Xbox and this game is for PC as well. You get the PC version on This game has really good detail and more texture in the game. I do some problem with this game. One problem I said earlier was your team members where in the way, some bugs and glitches but there are not that bad, droids hard to kill, and the game is short. You will play this 8-9 hours of it. I was expecting a little more longer in to the game, but oh well. The game is fun. I’m thinking this game is better than Call of Duty.