Star Wars: Force Unleashed II

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

Star Wars: Force Unleashed II is a good game, but it is short. I have beaten this game in 3 hours. That is not a long game. The first game was longer than this one. The reason I liked this game is the gameplay and the graphics. The graphics are improved this time. The last game had pretty good graphics, but this time the graphics are looking too real.

When you are playing this game, you will be feeling like you are watching a movie, rather than playing a game. The gameplay runs alot smoother than the last game. This game does not have bug problems this time. The last game had a few bug problems on the PS3, but the XBOX 360 version, it was way worse than before. The gameplay this now better than ever before.

This game is 6 months later from the last game and a year before Episode IV. You are playing a clone from a copy from Starkiller. At end of the last game, you saw Starkiller die at the end, but in this game, Starkiller is now a clone. The storyline is not all that great. The storyline of this game is confusing. What the hell did George Lucas do? This game is about Starkiller, and how he has to find Juno first before he goes to battle against the Empire. He found Juno, but things didn’t turn out right. When he tries to find Juno, but the Empire took her away.

Juno is from the last game, and she is Starkiller’s lover. Now, Starkiller must rescue her and fight the Empire. This game needs to be a movie, because this is way shorter Batman Arkham City. Batman Arkham City took me a while to beat, but Star Wars: Force Unleashed II took me 3 hours to beat. That is not long. I know why people like the first game better than the second game. This game doesn’t have hardly have any bosses in it. The first boss you are fighting big giant alien in the arena, and the second boss is Darth Vader at the end of this game. The first game took me hours to beat, then this! *raspberries*. If you never played the Force Unleashed series, you will like the first game better than the second game. The second game, you are going to hate it.