Star Wars Force Unleashed

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Star Wars Force Unleashed is one of most fun Star Wars game I have ever played. I got the PS3 version instead of the XBOX 360 version. PS3 never had any bug problems in this, but if you got the XBOX 360 version, you are part of the problem.

The PS3 version has better graphics than the XBOX 360, and the PS3 version has good gameplay, as well. The gameplay in the XBOX 360 version have alot of problems. When you are playing the XBOX 360 version, you get stuck in the wall, the ground will shake, and door will get stuck. That is why I like the PS3 version better than the XBOX 360 version. This game takes place between Epsiode III and IV. This game shows how the Rebellion against the Empire gets started, shows how they build the Death Star, and shows how Princess Leia fighting back the Empire. Princess Leia looks like she is 14 years old. The person you are playing is Darth Vader’s pediwan. He will get betrayed by the Empire. This game shows how the Rebel Alliance was getting started.

The graphics are pretty good. The graphics are better than Star Wars: Battlefront II. This one is on the PlayStation 2, as well, but it is better than Battlefront II. The gameplay is pretty good too. The people that have an XBOX 360 said they did not like the gameplay of this game. XBOX 360 have lots of problems. So that a good thing to have a PS3. PS3 have less problems than the XBOX 360. X-Play said they hated this game because of the game play. Obviously, they where using the XBOX 360 version to test this game. There is one problem in this game that everyone has a problem with. The problem is the door. When you use the force blast once, the door gets stuck. I used force blast few times to get it open. People said this should be a movie instead of a game. If they play hard level, they can play the game a little bit longer instead going on easy. If you play it on easy, you will beat this game in flying colors. If you are a Star Wars fan, and you want to know what happened between Episodes III and IV, play Star Wars Force Unleashed.