Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country (1991)

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This time the Enterprise is not the only ship in the quadrant, it is the only ship that has James T. Kirk. The Klingons are in trouble and they need to make peace with the Federation to be able to survive as a people, the survival of its race. It is up to the crew of the Enterprise to escort the Klingon delegation to earth for peace talks but something totally unexpected happens along the way. In a nut shell that is the plot of about the first 20 minutes of the film. That is one hell of a long lead in to get the film going but it is worth the wait. And the waiting part isn’t that bad as well, though parts are annoying.

One thing that I did not understand in Star Trek I – VI is why do they keep using women that can not act worth a damn when it comes to playing or portraying a Vulcan. I understand they want to seem exacting and logical but all they do is come off as not knowing what it is that they have to say. Even the doctor in Star Trek IV is that way. Many of these actresses are known before doing the part but they keep screwing it up. It is one of the more annoying things about the Star Trek film, they need to just make sure the women know what the hell they are doing in the role. They need to be confident, speak well and be the character they are trying to portray.

If you have never seen Star Trek VI be ready for a lot of Shakespeare zingers, they are thrown around everywhere. I understand that the Klingons would get a hold of copies of the famous bard’s work but it just seems too contrived for this film. No offense to Leonard Nimoy but I feel that it should not have been so Earth centric when the story is about a people that are about to die as a race. Even their prison planet had an earth name which really does not fit the situation. Maybe if the name had been translated into English and then back into Klingon and left as such would have worked but to leave all of it in English just does not make sense.

Now for the Klingons, someone really should coach all of the gunners and navigators in these films on how to actually speak Klingon. They even have college courses on how to speak the language, I am sure they could have gotten one of the instructors to show and teach these actors just how to say the words. When listening to actors that care how they sound the language sounds almost beautiful but to listen to it hacked at and the hand gestures not even following what they are saying is just plain madness and looks horrible.

The movie is actually done well but all of the Shakespeare and all of the bad Klingon can leave a bad taste in your mouth. When watching this film for the first time you might no realize it but when watching it again it is glaring obvious that many of the actors just are plain hacks at the art and don’t have much talent at all and no, I am not talking about the main cast. We knew how good the cast of the original show was and love them for it.

Once you get past the bad Vulcan idioms, the bad Shakespeare lines and the crappy Klingons this is actually a good movie.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆