Star Trek Online Free To Play

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Star Trek Online Free To PlayI received an invitation to try out Star Trek Online Free To Play on the 19th of January and was excited to try it out. It will not matter how much you want to play you will need to be patient as you will have at least a 24 hour download no matter how good your speed is. My download was consistently at 24 to 32 KB/s and it is a 3668MB download. Another bad thing about the downloader is that it mucks up your internet connection for the entire time that it is downloading so that you are not able to do much of anything on the net as it downloads. That is something they really need to get fixed and fixed fast. I hope PerfectWorld and Cryptic will make that a priority in patches to come. Till then you are just going to have to be patient and just wait it out while not doing anything meaningful on the net or anything that is connected to that router as it affects everything connected to the main connect to the net.

The other problem that I ran into when first starting the game was that everything was trying to happen all at once. I am not talking about the game play but the screen settings and the character creation and game updates happening all at the same time. Because of this I was not able to really see what my character would look like till I actually got into the game itself. So at the start it seemed that the game was not all that good but knowing as I do that you need to set things for a game and your computer I waited it out though a bit in frustration. I did after all wait over 24 hours to download and install the game. So remember that when you first setup the game don’t just click on everything to just try and get in, make sure that you follow the instructions about gamma setup before clicking on anything else, even if you have to minimize the panel that pops up for character creation. If you do that one thing you will find it way much easier to get the character that you want made.

I know so far that it seems as if I am tearing the game apart when I really am not, those are so far the only 2 things that I find wrong, really wrong with the game and they happen only once. It is not something that happens all the time unless you might be installing it over and over for some reason. Once you get into the game you are amazed at the detail that has been put into the game. You are able to do so much that it is absolutely mind boggling to think they could have made something like this. You have vast sectors of space with full range of motion and depth. You have planetary systems that are vast with asteroid fields, hidden objects, alien artifacts and enemies just waiting to jump out at you from behind just about anything that is in view so make sure that you scan often.

When you are creating your character you have complete control of how you would like it to look. You can choose any one of the various Federation races or even create your own with elements from several different races to make it really your own and unique. If you make a really good one you might have other players stopping to check your character out. The details that you can put in are astounding and makes it so that no two characters ever look alike, unless you just fly through it. The advanced options make it so that you can control just how aged, how sickly or how weird your new being is. I can honestly say that other then the Sims 3 I have never seen a game with so many character creation options. You could spend an hour just making one and not even realize that you had since it is fun to do.

Granted many of your missions are in space and to begin with you are given a small cruiser with a compliment of 200 personnel and it is not really much to look at but that doesn’t matter. You can even change the ship to look any way that you want by using parts form several different species and technologies. There is just so much that you are able to do in this game that there is no way a person could write it all down without writing a novella about it. I have been playing the game for about 12 hours straight and have only gained 2 ranks and two bridge personnel, In that time I have played through 4 missions and 3 or 4 side quests.

This game is so vast that you can even beam down to Star Fleet Academy and take extra courses to advance your character along. You can visit Vulcan and many other planets as well as the main space dock for the Federation. If anyone loves Star Trek they are going to really and truly enjoy playing this game. Sure it is hard at times but that makes the game all that more rewarding and fun to play. One of the nice things is it is also free to play now and does not require a subscription fee to play. You get to talk with others and even help each other defeat Klingons, Borg and more in this highly addictive online space game that will keep you engrossed in it for hours, days, weeks, months and possibly years to come. This is one of the better space games that I have seen in years.

I give this Online MMO a Musing review of ★★★★★½