Star Trek Insurrection

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This film was pleasant enough to watch and a nice way to take and kill almost a couple of hours but it really should have been a two or three part episode on TV then placed on the big screen. The film feels like it was scripted for television instead of a theater audience and even had the same kind of pacing that we came to expect from the series Star Trek Next Generation. If they had not canceled the show I am sure that we would have seen this on the TV instead of in the theaters. Its no wonder that this film fell into the possible suck zone of the Trek films. While good to have on a DVD or even a Blu-Ray it was not worth the money it cost to see it on the screen back in the day. Some have said that it was the actors that were the problem with this film, I say it was the script writers that were the problem with this film, it just did not flow smoothly enough for the big screen.

Star Trek Insurrection starts with the Enterprise-E doing ambassadorial work instead of its usual galaxy exploration. They have become the fixers of the Federation, even Picard (Patrick Stewart) says “Does anyone remember when we used to explore the galaxy?” So this whole film is all about fixing things for the Federation, even from themselves which becomes more and more apparent as the show, not movie, goes on. As they are performing their rather mundane duties they are called away to see what has happened to Data (Brent Spiner). It seems that the android has run amok and the Enterprise and her crew have to rush in and try and fix everything. As I said, this seemed more a script for the TV then the screen and you can see that just from watching the film. I would dare say that the amount of money spent on the film was probably the cost of 3 episodes plus a pay increase for the crew since it was on the screen.

As always the special effects were terrific and the explosions magnificent and the space battles fantastic and mind blowing, but they always were in the show as well. The visual effects crew got better with time but there really wasn’t anything new in this film except maybe the set which was stunning and made you want to go there for vacation. The set is the village of the Ba’ku, a remnant of a race that settled there to get away from it all. They have abandoned technology and do not teach it to their young, a practice that is about to come back and bit them in the butt. They have some long lost relatives coming to visit that are going to make their day an unhappy one indeed. They are on the brink of annihilation and just don’t realize it, but don’t worry because Picard is going to come and save the day and Ricker (Jonathan Frakes) is going to get lucky yet again.

I know I sound a bit jaded with this review but it really should have been shown as a series episode and I would have happily ate it up and looked forward to the next one with glee. Seeing it on the screen as a movie just doesn’t sit well with me, it cheapens the show and the franchise for it to be shown the way that it has. Would I suggest seeing this film? Yes. Would I suggest seeing it in the theater if they showed it again on the big screen? No. This should be enjoyed as a continuation of the series and not the franchise films. I definitely hope that the new crew that has been put in place for Star Trek Reboot never gets a script like this unless they are going to WOW it for the screen. There just wasn’t enough WOW to be a Star Trek film. I know romance is a part of the show and sometimes the films but Star Trek Insurrection tries to pack way too much stuff into one setting. For the screen this should have been made into at least 2 films not just the one TV episode that we have been given here.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★☆☆☆