Star Trek III The Search For Spock (1984)

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The third film in the Star Trek movies stars William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley and directed by Leonard Nimoy. This film truly makes a franchise of the Trek films in a way that kept the movies going for years by picking up from the cliffhanger of the previous film. Making the films in this way the fans are happy and willing to keep coming back for more to see what is going to happen to what they feel is their crew, their ship and their show.

Spock and McCoy are lost and is is up to the crew of the enterprise to find them both and bring them back safely. While this sounds easy enough for Kirk and crew things are complicated this time around. In Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan we saw Spock die a painful death repairing the Enterprise. We all felt that he was gone forever but even viewing original footage you see Spock tell McCoy to remember. At the time we didn’t know what he was doing and really didn’t know till this film. Spock was transferring his essence into a vessel to be held till it could be retrieved.

This film gives all of the adventure fans something to dig their teeth into as well, we see star ships stolen right from under the noses of Starfleet. We see competent Klingons engage in battle, they are more ruthless and cunning this time around. We see several ships exploding which always makes for a spectacular space scene. This film set the tone for many more movies to come at a pace that the fans and new fans hungrily devoured and wanted more.

This film was definitely for the fans as it brings back the rough and tumble Kirk that will do anything, even defy orders, to get the job done and to save his friend. The special effects were also evolving with this film as you see more detail and more care in how the film was pieced together. Robin Curtis as Lt. Saavik though was a very bad choice as she didn’t see to know how to play a Valcan. She almost ruins the whole film which I think is the only bad part about this film.

This film didn’t mesh with the axiom of all odd numbered Trek films sucked. This one stands on its own very well with the follow in for the film and dramatically sets the stage for the next film that followed. So grab your drinks, grab your snacks and have an enjoyable and fun time watching Star Trek III The Search For Spock.

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