Stand O Food 2

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FunFactor: ★☆☆☆☆ 

Well, here is it, Stand O’Food 2’s review, and this game is just as bad as its original, even if the graphics do look better, and there are cute little waitresses helping you along in the tutorial. This is a time management game to avoid. Even though I found it easier to get further along in the chain of restaurants this time, I was still having to start levels over again every time I made a mistake and backing up to correct it was nearly impossible without all these crazy upgrades you would not get until later along in the game. I can’t get very lengthy on a subject I’ve already stated that I don’t like, so just put it this way, the Stands O’Food suck!

If you really want to torture yourself with this game, then check out Stand O’Food 2 now, and remember that BFG always has new games every day, so you won’t be stuck with a stinker like this.