Stan Lee Presents: Mosaic

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A fun film about how a young girl who loves to act who also becomes a superhero totally by accident. Sure it might not be a serious piece or even worthy of an Oscar but then not every film has to be that way. This film hits the audience that it is going after and hits it well. It has a solid storyline and some big names to put it over the top. It is even done in the classic style that many of us grew up with where it will show something for the kids and then have a double meaning or viewing for the adults. It is made to entertain all that watch it and you don’t even think to try and analyze it. The world that it sets up and expands upon is believable.

Maggie (Anna Paquin) is an aspiring actress who has a father, Nathan Nelson (Garry Chalk), who works as a special agent for INTERPOL. Her father has been chasing some mysterious villain that has been ransacking ancient artifacts all over the world. The mysterious thief, who we find out later is Maniken (Ron Halder), has no regard for human life or how much damage he causes. He isn’t even human but rather an off-shoot of humanity from ages gone past. Because of her Nathan chasing his shadow Maggie doesn’t get to see her father as much as she would like. When the film starts she sees him in the audience of the play she is doing. She is playing the role of Puck in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. You can tell that it warms her heart to see him there in the audience watching her.

Even though Nathan is there at the play he is still at work. He is always at work since he is a special agent with INTERPOL and that is what takes him from his daughter’s play. His mysterious thieve has struck again and this time there is even more of a mystery at the crime scene. It seems that there is a supposed alien dressed in a guards uniform that is dead on the floor. It also allows him to have jurisdiction over the crime scene when the New York police show up to do the break in and homicide investigation. It is while he is there that he finds an odd looking stone which prompts him to leave and go research it. It is this act that causes him to wind up in the hospital and his daughter to receive her powers.

Maggie knows that her father has to do his job but she still wanted to be able to talk to and see him after the show. The only one who understands what she is going through and who secretly has a crush on her is her best friend Stephan (Cam Clarke). He seems to always show up just right in time to help her with any given situation. He is the one that initially gives her strength when she feels that she is loosing her mind. You see, after a lightening storm hit near her house it activated the stone that her father put in the safe. The stone then begins to look for a conduit to transfer its energy to. What it latches on to is Maggie and her pet chameleon, transferring its energies into both of them and seemingly blending some how.

The gifts that are given to Maggie are many. She has the power to scale walls and ceilings, see the DNA of others and other creatures which in turn allows her to mimic them. She is able to change her appearance to exactly mimic their form, even down to their fingerprints and voice. A skill that she uses several times to be able to find her father’s assailant. She is also able to heal just about any wound due to her shape shifting abilities. She is also able to become invisible and even change her color just like a chameleon to blend into the background. The stone that affected her is actually an ancient Chameliel artifact. She finds this out after she has a run in with Mosaic (Kirby Morrow), another Chameliel who is after Manikin as well.

This film will be fun for all those that love Marvel Comic stories and to see how some of the mutants get their powers. Not only fun for the kids to watch but for the adults as well. You will remember this film with some fondness and be wondering where Maggie’s powers will take her as her father try’s to track down the Chameliel criminals.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆