Spyro: Year of the Dragon

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spyro-year-of-the-dragon.33652140Spyro: Year of the Dragon is one of the best Spyro games of all time. It is the third game of the Spyro the Dragon series. The graphics are the same from number 2 and the gameplay is the same from number 1, but in this one you have many things you can do. This game is all about a Sorceress who wants the dragon eggs for own power. So, she sent her rhynocs army to Dragon Realms, and she wants her rhynocs army to steal the dragons eggs from the Dragon Realms. It up to Spyro to find the dragon eggs before the Sorceress use those eggs for her power. The dragon eggs are in the Forgotten Realms. Spyro gets some help from his new friends.

He makes some new friend when he busts them out of a cage where the Sorceress was keeping them as prisoners. His friends are Sheila the Kangaroo, Sgt. James Byrd the Penguin, Bentley the Yeti, and Agent 9 the Monkey. You can play Spyro friends later on in the game. His friends are more powerful than Spyro. Sheila use her feet, Sgt. James Byrd uses his rockets, Bentley uses his ice club, and Agent 9 uses his laser gun. They help Spyro to find the dragon eggs. You can play Hunter, as well. He will be in the Speed Way levels, but get attack by some crazy space farm animals. The space farm animals are trying to get the dragon eggs from Hunter, but Hunter fights back. Later on in the game, Hunter finally found himself a date. His date is Bianca. Bianca is rabbit that uses spells. She gets to spells from the Scroceress. The Scroceress train her for years so she can use magic right. Spyro got some new toys to play. Spyro can now ride on a stakebored, ride in the submarine, fly on the UFO, and ride on the boat. Spyro can now skate like Tony Hwak. Spyro can do more tricks than Tony Hawk. Spyro and Hunter do face each other in skateboarding, but just for points. They sometimes race each other in a skateboard challenge. Imagine if Spyro and Tony Hawk faced each other in the skateboard challenge. That would be cool to see.

He rides in submarine two levels later on in the game. He can fly in the UFO, but that takes place at the Final boss. He can ride in the boat in one of the levels later on. Later on in the game, you get to play as Sparx. Zoe the fairy sends Sparx on a special task to find a dragon egg. After Sparx finds that dragon egg, he gets some dragon power. Sparx will help find gems, help you pick gems fair away, protect you from damage for 4 times, and warp you from a different level. It is easy to play as Sparx, but gets harder if you play him for too long.

There are 4 homeworlds in this one one. The last was three. The 4 homeworlds are Sunrise Spring, Midday Gardens, Evening Lake, and Midnight Mountain. Sunrise Springs has 7 levels, Midday Gardens have 8 has levels, Evening Lakes has 8 levels as well, and Midnight Mountain has 9 levels. So, if you played the first two Spyro games, or if you are big Spyro fan you will love this game. Families will love this game, and kids will have great time with this game. If this is your first time playing a Spyro game of the series, you are going enjoy this game more than anything.