Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

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spyro__enter_the_dragonfly-1725645Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly is shortly after Spyro: Year of the Dragon. In beginning of game, Spyro, Hunter, and Bianca were throwing a party for the young dragonflies. However, Ripto has returned and is taking all the dragonflies from the Dragon Realms. Something goes wrong with Ripto’s scepter, with the spells that taking the dragonflies away from the dragons. Now all the dragonflies are scattered everywhere, but Ripto has his Riptocs army and Riptocs are finding the dragonflies.

It up to Spyro To rescue the dragonflies before the Riptocs find them. This one is only for the Play Station 2 and Nintendo Game Cube. This one is not done by Sony or done by Insomniac Games. The developers who made this Spyro game are Equinox Digital Entertainment and Check Six Studios. Spyro has some new breath weapon and he can shield himself from damage. You have to find some dragon runes to unlock those new breath weapons and you have find the one for the wing shield as well. The breath weapons are Bubble Breath, Ice Breath, and Lightning Breath. Bubble Breath is use to capture the dragonflies. It is hard to capture those dragonflies because they will run away from you. Ice Breath is to freeze the enemy. After you freeze the enemy, you can charge to the enemy. Lightning Breath is the same as Fire Breath, but Lighting Breath can turn on machines. Fire Breath has been use from the last three Spyro games. Wing Shield is project yourself from damage from the enemy.

This one has only one world. The world in this game is the Dragon Realms. This one have 9 levels. This Spyro took me 3 days to beat it. You can still go back and play the levels you have played before. The graphics in this game have been updated, and it looks better than before. Spyro looks like he came to life. Spyro looks like a real dragon. Sparx has looks like came to life as well. Sparx looks like a real dragonfly. The gems looks like real gems. Zoe the fairy look cuter than before. Before this one came out, Zoe had a big lips, but this time she dose not have them. Hunter looks like a real cat and his girlfriend, Bianca, looks like a real rabbit. The gameplay looks better than before. They updated the gameplay pretty good. The gameplay looks somewhat the same as before, but in this one, it is even better. This game has few bug problem, but it is not that bad. I don’t know why people hate this game, because it pretty good game to play. If you played the last three Spyro games, you will like this one, but it is not as good as number three. It a really good game. If you played the last Spyro game, you will like this one.