Spooky Mall

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

Alawar Games and Melesta love taking their basic time management games and rolling them through hundreds of variations on a theme, and Spooky Mall is following this formula. We have a fresh college grad, ready to work, not getting much success in finding work, much like many college grads in real life, then she gets a call. A mysterious person wants her to manage a mall, and her shifts start at midnight. So, this is not an ordinary mall.

After seeing the set up of the mall, it somewhat reminded me of old The French Market that used to be in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, with its varying food outlets under one big roof. We start in the regular grocery, and then it becomes a typical supermarket run, fill the stock, clean up after rude customers, check out people… wet, lather, rinse, repeat, much like Supermarket Management. The thing is, in Spooky Mall, the reason the stores are only open at night is because the customers are ghosts, wraiths, spirits, and other kinds of benign undead. About the creepiest thing I saw was a clown that looked like an undead Ronald McDonald (*shudder*)! As if live clowns aren’t creepy enough!

The gameplay was rather easy to start off, but after only eight levels it graduated from normal to insane! Trying to keep up with this game was really nerve-wracking, and like most Alawar/Melesta games, you could not go to the next level unless you completed the one before it. After getting completely frustrated at this game, I shut it off, and decided to come back to it later. When I did, it would not come back up. Corruption issues, maybe, not sure, but it saved me twenty more minutes of playing the trial. Nevertheless, I won’t be shopping at the Spooky Mall.