The Loveable Spinnerette from KraKow Studios

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Spinnerette is a a webcomic by KrazyKrow and drawn by Walter Gomez. In a world that is full of super heroes and super villains, much like in Sky High, life goes on as usual. In this wondrous world there is a college grad student Heather Brown, a genetics major that is about to have her life changed forever. She is a bit of a klutz but a hard worker as well that is willing to work cheap in Dr. Lambha lab for both credit and to pay for tuition. He has her working night and day on his crazy experiments until her own clumsiness makes life even more interesting. She falls into the very machine that she is trying to do repairs and maintenance on as her wrench falls on the activation switch. So focused on what she is supposed to be doing her first though is that the good Dr. Lambha is going to kill her, figuratively of course. It’s not until she crawls out of the machines pool that she realizes that she has been infused with the DNA of a spider and has grown two more sets of arms.

The comic is a journey of discovery as our girl heather goes from just plain college grad student Heather Brown to Black Widow to Spinnerette. The really fun parts of the comic are all of the mistakes and mishaps that happen to Heather and even her roommate Sahira. She really is a funny one and is always laughing at some of the things that happen to Heather, especially when she shoots webbing for the first time. The webbing doesn’t shoot out like Spiderman but it shoots out like a real spider, from her butt! It is all of the pranks and laughs like this that truly make this a one of a kind comic that you are just going to love. Even the villains are interesting and fun to read about and there are even Canadians too :P.

There are other superheros in the world as I noted and 2 of them are mentioned in the first chapter, Mecha Maid and Black Tiger (though he prefers just Tiger). They run across our lovely and clueless web spinner when she has a run in with Evil Spinnerette who is after our hero’s blood. Mecha and Tiger save her and then start helping her to start becoming the hero that she can be and even lets her help them on the cases that they are working on. Heather also start getting to really know them, especially Mecha and finds out more then she might have ever wanted to know. This reviewer just loves the look on the face of Heather as she starts to realize what even her own roommate noticed but you will have to go read it for yourself. I am not going to give it all away.