Sparkle 2

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Created by 10 Tons, which used to be known as Myth People, Sparkle 2 delivers the fun and strategy of all the their other games. When it comes to casual gaming, no one does it like the Finnish. This is the sequel to Sparkle, which we had reviewed her quite some time ago, and it is just as much fun. There is more of a quest line this time, as our puzzle path takes us on the hunt for five magical keys that hold the secret to world peace.

This marble popper is fast paced, and can be tricky at times. Shooting at variable tools will give you a quick fix, if you can get to them. The music is phenomenal, and you would swear that 10 Tons had put Danny Elfman on their payroll. Now, the main game graphics were great, but the graphics in the game breaks when you find the keys could have been more sharp. Still, it is as addictive and as much fun as the original, and worth the time you would put into it. If you love marble poppers and match 3 games, this is one you should try. 10 Tons has lots of other great puzzle games, too, but my favourite is still Heroes of Kalevala.